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Welcome to The Beater Site
Cherokee Seat Swap


I got lucky in the junkyard one day and picked up a pair of very good condition leather seats out of a Jeep Cherokee. It was a half price day so I got them for $48 for both.

The brackets were close but not exactly like the ones in the Bronco. After a little measuring I could make them fit with a little work.

I used an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel to notch the corners then I bent them to the proper angle.

I then welded the open spot back up for strength.

A little grinding and some paint, good as new.

The bolt holes don't line up so I will have to drill new ones. Off to the store for a set of nut and bolts with washers. I have some steel laying around for backing plates.

This is how they look in the Bronco.

They sit about an inch higher than the stock ones which is fine by me.

Before I mounted the seats I had to wire them so I could move them back and forth. This was pretty easy since the was a 12 gauge wire for a audio amp that was no longer being used under the seat. The hard part was running the wire under the carpet to the other side. I ended up pushing a 5' long piece of sprinkler pipe from the passenger side as far as I could in front of the center console. Then I pushed a length of bailing wire thru it. I was just able to pull it with my fingers then just taped the wire to it and pulled the whole thing back out 

I cut up some 1" flat stock into 4" backing plates. This is where the step drill bits come in handy. With a normal bit it takes a while to dig thru this stuff, but a step bit takes seconds. I had to drill them one size larger than this pic.

I then used two 5/16 x 1/14" and two 5/16 x 1 3/4" bolts on each seat with washers, lock washers and nuts. 

Here is one of the backing plates in place. 

It took a few hours to get them in right but they aren't going anywhere. They are way more comfortable than the stock seats and they are power controlled. The front switch pivots the bottom of the seat back and forth, the middle toggle move the seat up down left and right and the back switch tilts the whole seat back and forth. 

Overall this is one of the best bang for the buck changes for the Bronco. Next thing I need to do is clean them and vacuum it out. It is still covered with Calico dust.