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Welcome to The Beater Site
SAS Take Two


Dana 44 8 lug Parts cleaned and painted. Also added , different calipers and 8 lug hub/rotors
14 bolt rear disk brake brackets

Dana 44 cleaned, painted and knuckles installed.

Axles shafts pulled from 14b. I then managed to pull the drums and brakes. I also cut off the perches
and shock mounts. Lastly I removed the carrier and pinion. It was a busy day.

You have no idea how tough it is to remove the studs from the drum / hubs. Here they are all pulled and the
 K20 rotors that will be mounted to the hubs.

14 bolt extreme diff cover painted.

Dana 44 extreme diff cover painted.

14 bolt ring and pinion are massive compared to the Dana 44.

Test fitting to see how it goes together. I already new I would have to modify the brackets since they are
made for a Chevy pickup calipers not Cadillac calipers but they look like they line up perfect.

I'm using Cadillac calipers since they have a manual E-brake. I know this ass backwards, they will
 be facing forwards. I was checking the alignment of the pads.

I did a little grinding, cleaning priming (2 coats) and painted (3 coats) the bottom half of the 14b housing. I will let
the paint cure overnight then paint the top half tomorrow.

I also managed to assemble the hubs with K20 rotors, clean, prime (2 coats) and paint (2 coats).

I painted the top (3 coats). Still waiting on the Detroit so I can start putting it back together.

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