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Replacing Superlift 4" lift coils with Superlift 6" lift Coils


After I finished the Shackle flip the rear end ended up being about 3 1/2" higher than the front. To level it out I ordered a set of Superlift 6" lift coils from Jeff's Bronco Graveyard. I did the swap out one day after work. It took about 3 hours to complete.

Here is a comparison of stock coils, 4" lift coils and 6" lift coils. There is only a 2" difference in size uncompressed but the larger ones have tighter wound coils.

Once the Bronco is on jack stands, remove the tire, top shock mount and coil. Then remove the axle pivot bracket nut and bolt and use a second floor jack to pivot the axle mount to the lower hole. You might need to use a hammer to persuade it to start moving.

It's a good thing I just purchased a coil compression kit last week for a future upgrade of the suspension on my Maxima. I would have had a heck of a time getting the springs in the buckets without it. . 

All done. I did ride it up the street and back and the alignment is way off. By looking at this picture it looks like the difference in height on the steering linkage pulled the toe in. 

It's a good thing I have a nice high covered parking area on the side of the house 'cause it ain't gonna fit in the garage anymore.