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Welcome to The Beater Site
Muffler Writeup


A few weeks ago I installed a FlowMaster Super 40 muffler on the Bronco. The original exhaust was rotted behind the muffler and it let the exhaust fumes in the passenger compartment if you had the back window down. The original muffler had 1 2/1/4" inlet and two 2" outlets. To simplify things I bought a muffler with one 2 1/4" outlet. I used a 90 degree bend and a 24" down tube. Simple and it fixed the fume problem.

Tools used:
Safety Glasses
Ear Protection
Large Hammer
MIG Welder
4 1/2" Grinder with cutoff wheels
Reciprocating Saw

Stuff to have on hand:
Rust Remover
Carb or Brake Cleaner
Hi Heat Paint

That is until the first time I took it off-road. I was crossing a 3' x 3' washout and caught it on a rock. See the aftermath below.

I have seen a few other Bronco Owners go up and over the frame the out so I decided to go that route. After removing the rear tire I cut a 6" wide square out of the bed support.

I also cut a 3" x 3" square out of the sheet of steel below the bed.

Here is a view of both cutouts.

Next I used two 2 1/4" I.D. 90 degree bends and a a 2 1/4" I.D. to 2 1/2" I.D. adapter to get the exhaust up and out above the frame. The pre-made bends were about 6" too long to fit in the right place. after tacking, checking then re-cutting and trying about three times I finally got it where I wanted it. A grinder with a few cut-off wheels makes it easy.

I used some magnets and a car jack on the muffler to get it all aligned then tack welded everything in place. I then removed the muffler on back and welded it all up. I had a 1/4" gap where the two 90 degree bends met that I had to fill so it wouldn't leak.

All welded up and ready to install. I shot a quick coat of heat resistant paint on the areas I couldn't reach once it is installed.

Once welded in it sits nicely centered in the hole.

The fat muffler just fits in it's place. I still have to make a new mount for the hanger. The welds may be ugly but they should hold.

Up and out.

Next weekend I will figure out exactly where I want the exhaust to exit the vehicle. I am thinking of having it exit out the quarter panel in front of the rear tire.

Last Update: 05_14_2005