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Welcome to The Beater Site
Muffler Writeup


Since I bought the Bronco I always had low power at the high end and suspected it was the catalectic converter

I recently ordered a Bassani Y-Pipe with a high flow cat. When they arrived I started pulling apart my old exhaust and opened up the cat to see what was inside. My suspicions were right.


Here is the Mandrel Bent Y-Pipe with cats. I also bought a mandrel U bend from Jegs. I cut it in half to make two 90's. Add to that a 2' extension with one end expanded to rework my muffler.

I installed the Y-Pie and cat. The Oxygen sensor fit right in place.

It's a good fit.

The Flowmaster Super 40 was 2 1/4" in / out so I used a piece of 3" exhaust pipe and cut the opening to fit.

Thu U bend makes to nice 90's.

And out the side it goes.




Last Update: 05_14_2005