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Welcome to The Beater Site
Rowher Axle Snap


July 2006 I was making a test run of my newly installed Solid Axle Swap (SAS) when climbing a large hill I hit a
bump which cut the front brake line in half. I was not aware of it and when I headed back down the hill I discovered I had no brakes. I was going about 50 MPH when I reached the same bump which became a ramp. If I went to the left or right I would have rolled it so I hit it dead on and jumped about 10 feet in the air and landed about 50 to 60 from the ramp. It caused the front axle to snap, a good thing since it acted like an anchor and stopped me from going down another 1000 feet down the hill.


This is the first pic I took of the snapped axle. The diff is burried in the ground and the radius arm is bent  beyond recognition.

The view of where the Bronco was from the last staging area.

Rowher is not a beginners trail.

If you look close at the bottom of the Y you can see the reflection from the winshield.

This is the ramp I was talking about.

It doesn't look that bad from this view.

Here you can see what could have happened.

Just beforehand I was overheating. We decided to turn around and go back. Little did I know I had lost
my brakes.

This is where Tim found me.

If you think it looks bad now, just keep looking.

I even snapped a few pics.

Bent up Bronco.

The drivers side tire was blown and rim was smashed.

The recovery team the day after.

Pulling it to level ground.

Strapping up the axles.

It almost looks like it should be that way.

After a couple of miles with Tim pulling and Raf braking the front axle couldn't take it anymore.

The drivers side folded under and the passenger side folded.

Back to level ground.

Poor Widle axle.

My custom bumper was dragged thru 1/4 mile of rocks and dirt but didn't even bend at all.

Making it's way home.

With no front wheels it was a PITA to pull it off the trailer. Notice my lawn ornaments?

The final push onto the driveway.