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When I removed the old water pump the two side bolts snapped. I couldn't easily remove them so I tried placing the new pump on with the five remaining bolts. After installing the new water pump, it didn't leak there but did leak between the timing chain cover and the block.  

So we removed the radiator, all the pumps and hoses and spent hours trying to fineness the timing cover off with no luck. Those two snapped bolts were holding it tight. I finally decided to get tough and using a dremel with a cutoff wheel and a grinder with a cutoff wheel I cut out about half the bolt leaving enough of the housing to be able to eventually get a new nut on there to hold it tight.

Looking at what appears to be a core sample you can see why the cover didn't want to budge. 15 years of rust had welded the things in place. there isn't even threads there.

With only 1 1/4" left we were able to pry the timing chain cover off.  (#$@% Penzoil!) It looks like it's time to change the timing chain since I have it broken down this far. Too be continued...

The next weekend we started by placing the new timing chain set in. It's not only cleaner but the new chain made it a nice tight fit. We spent the next few hours muscling the timing cover back on. It was getting dark so we will continue putting the Beater back together in the morning.

Saturday late start but we got the water pump back on then all the pulleys, serpentine belt and hoses connected.

Before we put the radiator back in I decided it wasn't Beater enough. It needs a hole in the fender. 

With the size of the new radiator and fans I couldn't replace the fresh air intake so I flipped the filter box and made a new one.

The hamsters in my head are spinning on ideas for a scoop or snorkel or  some other way of pumping air into the box. Sometime I will get a K&N or similar filter. 

By the time it got dark we had the radiator back in and all the hoses and stuff back in. Tomorrow we will fill the fluids, change the oil and  oil filter then wire up the fans.

It was 100 degrees outside on Sunday so not a lot got done. We changed the oil and filter added water and started her up. It seems to be doing OK so far. I have the fans wired to the relay. I will need a second one for high speed. I'll do that next week.

Here's my solution for the cold air intake, for now anyway.