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Trail Rides


 Rowher Flats 30 Miles North of Los Angeles, CA 8/7/2005
 Emmett Cam and I went for a short (very short) run.

Airing down our tires since the ground was hard as cement and bumpy.

Cam doing his impression of Locopony, alas there was no mud..

I'm parked on poser hill. It looks fun but try and get back in holding a camera and cell phone.

We're off.

Climbing the first hill

Emmett climbs the second hill.

Cam follows

While I was waiting my turn my Bronco started to overheat (it was 100 degrees that day. As I was climbing I noticed I was losing power. When I got 3/4 of the way up it shut down and stopped. I was able to restart and climb the rest of the way but it was way overheated. Luckily we each had a gallon of water so I could refill and limp my way home.

My Turn, almost to the top

Let's go home

Good shot of Cam

Emmett climbs down.

So after filling the radiator again and again I finally made it home. I let it cool down and pulled the radiator a few hours later.

 I think I found where the coolant was leaking. I only hope I didn't damage the motor.