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Welcome to The Beater Site
Trail Rides


 Rowher Flats 30 Miles North of Los Angeles, CA 3/26/2005
Gathering of members from fullsizebroncos.com
10 Broncos and 1 F150 4X4

Members that attended (thanks Bronkzilla)
Matt (F150)

Special thanks to Mudmad for setting the whole thing up and inviting all the members to his house afterwards for a great BBQ. 

The first Group shot at the staging area.

Locopony wants to see if ChrisXLT's towstrap is as strong as he claims

We Pose for the cameras while waiting for Locopony to finish his mud bath

Lets get moving

Where'd that Jeep come from?

The first hill

My Turn

Hill 2

This is the place where most of those that tempted it (me included) had to go on three wheels and many tries to continue up.

Waiting for my turn

Half way there

I Made it

It wasn't as easy as it looks

Unless your driving a completely stock F150 4x4 with street tires

Hill 3. With no roll bar or lockers I'll pass. As did most others.. 2 Broncos and the Jeep made it

Moving onto the next trail

Go B-man

B-man's transmission was giving him a bad time. FSB members gather around in search of a solution.

After much debate FSB calls out the power of the giant mushroom.
You may drought the power of the giant mushroom but it did allow him to drive 30 miles to his home.

The Beater climbing another hill

Bronkzilla and ChrisXLT goofing off