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Welcome to The Beater Site
Parts List


Since my Bronco has become a Frankin-truck I better keep a list so I know what parts to order.

Part Specs Part Number Vehicle Description
Front Suspension      
Axle Housing Dana 44 HP   1978 Ford F150
Axle Cover Custom 1/4" with 1/2" ring and fill / drain plugs   1978 Ford F150
Gears Precision  4.88   1978 Ford F150
Locker Tracloc   1978 Ford F150
Axle Shafts HD   1978 Ford F150
Axle U Joint X760 Spicer   1978 Ford F150
Springs TTB Superlift 6" lift   1990 Ford Bronco
Upper Coil Mount JBG reproduction   1978 Ford Bronco
Lower Coil Mount Custom Machined TTB to F150 adapter    
Radius Arm Custom Hand Made 2" .40 wall 1.25" ID    
Weld in bungs 7/8" x 18 TPI    
Heim Joints 7/8" x 7/8" Heim Joints Chrome with Kevlar inserts    
Heim Joint Jam Nuts      
Heim Joint Spacers 7/8" to 3/4" high angle spacers    
Heim Joint bolts Grade 8 3/4" x 4" bolts, washers, lock washers and nuts    
Panhard Bar Custom Hand Made 1.5" .120 wall DOM 1.25" ID    
Weld in bungs      
Heim Joints      
Heim Joint Jam Nuts      
Heim Joint Bolts      
Knuckles 8 Lug   1978 Ford F250
Ball Joint Upper     1978 Ford F250
Ball Joint Lower     1978 Ford F250
Hub / Rotor 8 Lug   1978 Ford F250
Hub Locks Warn Premium manual locking hubs for Dana 44   1990 Ford Bronco
Calipers Twin Piston   1978 Ford F250
Brake Booster Had been replaced, not original   1985 Ford F150
Master Cylinder Had been replaced, not original   1985 Ford F150
Brake Lines Superlift 4" extended   1990 Ford Bronco
Brake Pads Generic   1978 Ford F250
Shocks Fox 2.0 14" Pro Series Travel Reservoir Shocks 35.10" 21.10" 5/8" shaft 980-99-035-A  
Steering Stabilizer Rancho 9000    
Pitman Arm strait   1980's Ford F350
Knuckle Over Steering Custom Hand Made 1.5" .120 wall DOM 1.25" ID    
  Custom Right Knuckle   Chevy 3/4 Ton Truck
  Custom Left Knuckle    
  Custom Right Pitman Arm    
  Custom Let Pitman Arm    
TRE Jam Nuts      
TRE Weld in Bugs      
Tires / Rims      
Tires 36" x 12.5" x 16.5" Goodyear Wrangler   1990's Humvee
Rims 16.5" x 8.5" 8 lug, run flats, beadlocks, 7.5" backspacing   1990's Humvee
Rear Suspension      
Axle Housing 14 Bolt 10.5" full float   1983 Chevy 1 ton
Axle Cover Custom 1/4" with 1/2" ring and drain / fill plugs   1983 Chevy 1 ton
Gears Genuine 4.88   1983 Chevy 1 ton
Locker Detroit Locker   1983 Chevy 1 ton
Axle Shafts Stock   1983 Chevy 1 ton
Springs Stock   1990 Ford Bronco
Shackle Flip Sky Manufacturing Shackle Flip brackets    
Caliper Bracket Ruffstuff Specialties custom bracket   1983 Chevy 1 ton
Calipers 7 1/6" spacing with manual E Brake   1978 Cadillac Seville
Rotor 8 lug    
Brake Lines Raybestos RAY4536765 1978 Cadillac Seville
Brake Pads Wearever WE1D122 1978 Cadillac Seville
E Brake Hand E Brake   1991 Ford Mustang
Motor Motorcraft 351W Long block   1990 Ford Bronco
Valve Covers Motorcraft Racing Aluminum   1990 ford Bronco
Alternator 3G 130 Amp   1998 Ford Taurus
Radiator Fan 3.8 Liter electric cooling Fan   1980's Ford Taurus
Battery Optima Red Top    
PS Cooler 4" x 8"   1985 Ford F350
Remote Oil Filter Uses standard Ford oil filter    
Air Filter K & N Ghetto Fab air filter KNNRF1012  
E4OD Stock   1990 Ford Bronco
Tranny Cooler      
Remote Filter Uses standard Ford oil filter    
Headers Summit Shorty headers   1990 ford Bronco
Y Pipe Bassini Aluminized Y-Pipe with high flow cat BASBX58150B3 1990 Ford Bronco
Muffler Flowmaster Super 40 3" in / out    
Tail Pipe Custom Mandrel Bent 3" side exit    
Seats Front Tan leather 6 way power adjustable   199? Jeep Cherokee
Seat Rear Tan Leather   198? Ford Bronco
Map Light Tan overhead light   1998 Ford Taurus
Brake Lights clear cover Altizma   1990 Ford Bronco
Side Markers clear corner lights   1990 Ford Bronco
Light Bar Carr Fold down light bar    
Overhead Lights 4 oval off road lights    
Front Bumper Custom one off 1/4" plate winch bumper    
Rear Bumper      
Winch HF (Mile marker) 10,000 Lb    
Rock Sliders Custom one off 1.5" square tubing .120 wall    
Horn Kleinn 220 train Horn    



Last update 9/3/2006